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The experience of moving from one organisation to another can be an emotional rollercoaster and often your aim is, understandably, to minimise any personal distress and achieve the softest landing possible.

Your wellbeing matters because it can have an impact on how you deal with the rigours of looking for another job. This is why each step of our comprehensive outplacement programme is underpinned with empathy and compassion.

You'll receive 6 one-to-one sessions, covering the areas outlined below. You'll also get unlimited telephone and email support from your own dedicated Career Consultant.

Our comprehensive Outplacement Programme is underpinned with empathy and compassion.


  • Understanding your why, your values, your drivers, your aspirations and of course, your skills, achievements and experiences

Psychometric assessments and reports:

  • Gallup StrenghtsFinder: this will help build your self-awareness, show you what you are good at and how to operate at your best
  • Emotional Intelligence: we will explore your emotional capital and capability

Your next move

  • Develop an action plan
  • Explore alternative career options
  • Get expert guidance on your CV and application processes
  • Brush up on ways to use social media and professional networking to your advantage
  • Learn how to work with Search & Selection Consultancies
We tailor the approach to meet your specific needs.

Why work with us?

Every person is different with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Recognising this, we take a holistic view in helping you find a new job and we'll do it with a personal touch. So, although there's a defined programme, we tailor the approach to meet your specific needs.

Our experience of building multidisciplinary leadership teams coupled with our comprehensive coaching framework, means you'll get the perfect blend of learning and support in helping you find your next challenge.

We have extensive experience in senior level recruitment and a proven track record in one-to-one leadership and management coaching.


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Executive Search

Interim Search

Interim Search

Leadership Development

Leadership Development