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Making a new hire is one thing.
Getting them to stay is another.

"Onboarding should do two important things; fulfil the promises made during the hiring process and lay the foundation for long-term engagement and performance."

This was taken from a Gallup white paper titled 'Create an Exceptional Onboarding Journey for Your New Employees'.

From the moment you engage with a search partner, you're entrusting another person to represent you and your organisation.

you're entrusting another person to represent you and your organisation.


It may be an obvious point to make, but it's a critical one. The reality is that onboarding starts as soon as you start the recruitment process.

Whether it's the professionalism of the first phone call, the quality of the marketing campaign or the integrity of the initial email (or social media message), making it easy for the target candidate to react positively is often the difference between a hiring process being successful and it having to be done all over again.

From the perspective of the person who ends up accepting your post, the quality of their experience of getting the job should only be surpassed by the quality of their first few months experience of doing the job.

To come full circle, your onboarding process starts the moment that person engages with your Search Consultant. We would like to be your search partner the next time you need to make a critical hire.

In addition to making sure every candidate touch point during the attraction and assessment stages of the hiring process is delivered with the utmost care and professionalism, we will also manage the onboarding process for the person you hire.

What this means is that as well as filling your post, we'll also give your new hire a 6-month transitional & integration coaching programme as well as a 360-degree half year post-placement assessment & review.

Our 7Q Search Process will attract (and keep) the best talent in your business.

The experience will be the best it can possibly be

And that will have a hugely positive impact on the new candidate's length of stay - particularly in getting them through those tricky first few months.

Nearly every company has an onboarding program, yet according to Gallup's white paper, few employees call the experience great. The result is that employers are losing many of their people before they barely get started.

Our 7Q Search Process will ensure you and your business are represented to the highest standards and will attract (and keep) the best talent in your business.